Let’s Start the Journey!


About me: Full stack data professional with experience in both front end, e.g. data analysis, visualization, modelling, and back end, e.g., data engineering, infrastructure.

What I’ve worked on

At Finning Digital, I was responsible for a new project. Started with almost nothing, I took action to reconstruct the resource group in Microsoft Azure for the data pipeline and ingested TBs of sensor data, while saving Finning Digital thousands of Azure costs per year. I continued to wrangle, visualize and analyze the data by looking at hundreds of sensor values and alarm events, to find correlations and causes for truck failures. Currently, I am on the way of deploying models that helps to determine the condition of in-service equipment for predictive maintenance.

Being a data science consultant for one of the largest FinTech companies in China, we have access to invaluable datasets — transaction history for half a billion Chinese mobile users and their features, e.g. gender, location, wealth. I was heavily involved in implementing extensive feature engineering on such datasets to improve the performance of recommender system.

As a Data Engineer/Analyst at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) in UBC, I was able to bring new technologies to the team and dive deeper into real-life datasets, e.g., event and history data for 150,000 registered students. Though started as a data analyst, I gradually took over responsibilities also as a data engineer in maintaining the data pipeline for ETL and contributing to edx2bigquery, an open source project started by MIT and Harvard. Feel free to check out my work here.

I’m really good at

  • A combination of skills such as SQL/Spark for ETL, Numpy/Pandas for data wrangling, and Matplotlib, Plotly and Altair for data visualization, to really dive deep into the data and gain insights. Python is my weapon and Jupyter is my battlefield.
  • Extensive knowledge, deep understanding and practical experience on how to properly apply machine learning to real world datasets.
  • Strong analytical mindsets, extraordinary problem solving and critical thinking skills, thanks to years of research experience.

What I’m looking to do next

I am looking to join companies that are innovative, passionate, yet also professional. It can be companies on its way of assembling the analytics team, where I can contribute my full stack data skills and grow together with the team. It can also be companies with fully matured data pipeline, where I can start making impacts on people’s everyday life.